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Modding Instructions
Modding tutorial 9th October 2009:
Modding part 6.

This time we learn how to translate the East India Company to your own language.

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Designer's Blog
Blog 15th July 2009:
Naval warfare, part II.

Lead designer Kim Soares takes the helm of a frigate and shouts: "Port side, FIRE!"

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East India Company Collection logo

East India Company Collection

Take on the waters as you never have before with all four installments of the East India Company series with the release of the East India Company Collection. The East India Company Collection includes the Designer's Cut version of the East India Company along with the Pirate Bay, Privateer, and Battle of Trafalgar expansion packs in one bundled package.

Whether you want to create the largest trading empire in world or invade one as a pirate ship captain, this collection will satisfy your every naval desire.

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East India Company logo

East India Company

Unique combination of trading game and wargame. East India Company offers a fresh take on the strategy game and the best naval battles around. Player aims to create the most powerful company and dominate East Indian trade. Fleet engagements are played on cinematic tactical level.

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Piratebay logo

Pirate Bay - add-on

For those players who want to try out their skills as a pirate, this Down Loadable Content (DLC) offers a unique campaign as a pirate in the world of EIC.

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Privateer logo

Privateer - expansion

Completely different gaming experience in the familiar world of East India Company. Privateer DLC puts player in the role of a privateer, a free agent with his own fleets, who sells his allegiance to the highest bidder. Huge amount of new content: fort Battles, new skills, specialist characters and more.

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Designer's Cut logo

Designer's Cut - free add-on

Designer's Cut is rock hard upgrade to East India Company that anyone can download for free. Loads of new content and improved features. And did we already say it's free?

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Battle of Trafalgar logo

Battle of Trafalgar - expansion

Battle of Trafalgar uses the naval engine of East India Company to re-create one of the most famous naval engaments in history. Player can play this legendary battle as either the british fleet under the command of Admiral Nelson or as the franco-spanish fleet. Triple amount of ships on-screen at once and new tactical- and formation-commands expand the already acclaimed naval battles of East India Company.

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